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“Ten Reasons Why You Should Marry a Planner”

1. They have lots of engineer and humanitarian skills, so they’re genius and caring at the same time.

2. They are used to work as a team, so you’ll never do household works alone.

3. They see things comprehensively, so your point of view will always be considered.

4. Planning is like a toast for breakfast, so planning your future wouldn’t be that hard.

5. They’re planning according to the other people’s needs, so they always planning for your desire.

6. They will always keep their love as a sustainable development.

7. They will always try to interprete you by using a various methods of analysis while keeping tracks that your statement is valid, so there are no room for cheating.

8. They always accept any inputs from the others so they are a good listener.

9. They always evaluate their plans so you’ll see plenty rooms for changes.

10. And the last, they’re RICH.

source : tumblr of someone anonymous

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